Yesterday I posted an op-ed at Wired called “Why You Should Think Twice Before Shaming Someone on Social Media,” about considering the power of your online voice before you shame or call someone out online. One of the examples I used was Adria Richards, a prominent tech developer who…


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I find it frustrating that nearly all the controversy over the Oculus acquisition by Facebook is focused on:

  1. Good games coming out
  2. Facebook rebranding Oculus
  3. Ads in the experience

These are superficial problems, firstly but furthermore…


In this industry, you gotta be tough.

I’m just kidding. We’re a bunch of literates who enjoy reading so much that we built our own news readers. But when a behemoth like Google makes a call that places you at the business end of 100,000 frantic power users, reminding yourself how tough you are is…

[Fractal]( patterns are therapeutic, just like being in nature (which is full of fractal patterns) is therapeutic.

Brian Takita Education Information

Brian Takita went to University of the Pacific from 1997 to 2002. He graduated with a BS in Engineering Physics.

He was a member of the Society of Physics Students, played Rugby, and was a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Brian Takita Employment Information

Brian Takita is a consultant, currently working for Rundavoo in Los Angeles. His responsibilities are…

Lead front end development for

Created a responsive (desktop, tablet, mobile) application that integrated with several APIs via CORS and a proxy server. Api’s include Rundavoo api, Facebook, Foursquare, Cloudsponge, Mixpanel. Evolved the business logic to optimize for signups and usage.

For a faster user experience kept the codebase light & tight with progressive enhancement. Used the Cloudflare CDN with lots of HTTP caching.

Technologies/Techniques used: html5, css3, node.js, browserify, jasmine, functional reactive programming (, cloudflare

Successfully integrated Rundavoo into the following brands: Wyndham Resorts, House of Blues, SBE, Earthbar, Music Loves Fashion, LA Pride